Frequently asked questions

  • General

    • How are the models assessed?

      Each model is assessed individually by their purpose; for example, a functional model will justify a sturdier structure when compared to decorative model. We will take into considerations of the factors contributing to the purpose of the model and decide on the recommended settings for its print. As a sturdier model requires more structure, translating into more print time, resulting in higher costs, having a minimum recommended print specification will allow us to provide you quality prints at its lowest prices. More importantly, it eliminates confusions from users that are not familiar with 3D printing and the settings that affect print quality. Although it is good to know, with us, there is no need to if there is no desire to.

    • What are the modes of payment available?

      We are using PayPal as our primary mode of transaction to protect our customers. You can pay through PayPal with your credit card or from your account.

    • How long will it take to approve my 3D model if I upload one?

      It will take about three to four days at most.

    • How is the price reflected on the product page calculated?

      The models uploaded to R3d are assessed and calculated based on the hours. The final cost will be determined by the printers that you choose from. We give the hours, our printers give their $/hour.

    • What buyers' security is R3d offering?

      Firstly, the printers need to print out a fixed and standardised model provided by R3d and have it uploaded onto their profile page. It gives users a preview on the quality of the printer that they are looking at. Upon transaction, the amount will not be directly credited into the printer's account. It will only be credited into the printer's account after the following conditions have been met: a) The model has been printed, b) The model has been sent, c) The model has been received by you. Once printed, the printer shall take a picture of the product and upload it to us for verification. Then, the amount on hold will be released to the printers after the following 7 days. Also, the proof of mail shall be kept by the printers in cases of disputes. Should you still have not receive the product within 7 days, please kindly inform us and we will settle the issue fairly.

    • Will every models uploaded be approved to appear on R3d?

      No. We hate spams as much as you do and we are not keen to see repetitive models. We are all about creativity and a space for innovative products! We welcome all remixes of current models found on R3d or other 3D libraries. Files with faulty 3D meshes will not be approved. We do not want our printers and users to be making and receiving models with holes here and there!

    • What files do you accept?

      Currently, we only accept STL files.

    • What if my model consists of more than 1 files?

      We are trying to keep our site clutter free for the benefit of you and us. In any case should your model requires more than 1 file, please submit it as a zip folder.

    • Will my files be protected by R3d if I upload them here?

      Written in our Privacy of Use and Terms and Conditions, we believe in the principles of creative commons; to create more exciting and innovative products through sharing. R3d is not liable for protecting your files on the website, it is a portal for creative people to share and to excite. If you do not feel comfortable in sharing your works, it is advisable for you not to upload it.

    • What kind of materials are used in 3D printing?

      As the most common form of 3D printing is FDM (fused deposition modelling), the materials used are thermoplastic filament; common ones are PLA (polylactic acid) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene). In short, PLA is biodegradable as it is made from organic materials while ABS is an oil-based plastic. Both holds different characteristics that is prized for different kinds of purpose. If you are interested to know more, you can visit this website which summarises the two;

    • What happens if a printer repeatedly churns out poor qualities?

      If there are consistent complains over a particular printer, we will not hesitate to remove him/her from listing his/her services.

    • What happens if either party (users and printers) decides to act in a fraudulently?

      If we uncover any acts that infringes on criminal or civil law, we will not hesitate to hand over your information to the relevant authorities for their actions.

  • For Users

    • What if I want a different specification of my model?

      Not to worry, should you want anything different (size, density, etc.), you can highlight the request in the form during the ordering process. After you have highlighted a different specification, the printer will assess the new requirement and provide you with a new pricing. You can either accept or reject to the new pricing.

    • Can I liaise with the printer directly, removing R3d out of the picture?

      Yes, of course you can. However, you will be missing out on the buyers' protection that R3d is offering for its users.

    • At what stage can I cancel the order?

      The order can be cancelled by you anytime before the payment is made. Once the payment is made, the order will be relayed to the printer for them to fulfil it, hence, the order will be locked and no cancellation will be allowed. However, there will be exceptions if you have not received confirmation that the order has been printed and sent out within he stipulated turnover time informed by the printer. Please contact us and we will make the necessary actions to clarify and to cancel it if required.

    • How do I add a review for the printer?

      Once the transaction is completed, with you checking on the 'received' icon in your Orders tab, it will prompt you to leave a review for the printer you have engaged.

    • If I want to print something of my own without uploading it onto R3d, can I do so?

      Yes you can! Under the printer list, we allow users to find and communicate with printers on an ad hoc basis. If you have something in mind that you wish to print, or a model that you do not wish to share with other users, you can communicate with the various registered printers found under the printer list. Details of their quality, pricing, and pictures can be found in their profile. You can liaise with them directly.

    • What happens if I receive a faulty print?

      When the printer has checked sent, you will receive a notification that the item is in the process of being delivered. Under the 'Orders' tab in your profile, corresponding to your order, you can click on 'Mark as received'. You will be directed to a page where you can either check completed or faulty. If your model is faulty, you can upload the picture of the faulty part and the description of it. It will be sent to the printer that you engaged for mediation. Should both parties cannot resolve the issue, please highlight it to us and we will assist you.

    • What are my responsibilities?

      Please kindly check out our terms and conditions for more information.

    • How do I order?

      Simple! Create an account, select the model you want, engage the printer that you're comfortable with, pay it through PayPal and wait for your order to be fulfilled!

  • For Printers

    • How will the remuneration be calculated?

      You will be paid according to the $/hr set by yourself when the user requests for our default specification (in this case, the hours informed by us X the $/hr set by yourself. Should there be special requests by the users, the pricing will be determined by yourself in good faith. R3d takes a 15% from any transaction that has taken place between you as a printer, and the customer as the user.

    • How will I get paid?

      When registering, please enter your PayPal account accurately. As currently all transactions done on R3D will be through PayPal, remunerations to you will be also through PayPal. R3D will not be responsible for any loss of remuneration if you have entered an incorrect PayPal account.

    • Each printer is unique and the time required by each printer to print the similar product with similar specification is different, how do I gauge my timing with the timing that R3d has set?

      We are using Simplify3d as our slicing software, with Flashforge creator pro's printing profile. If you are using other printers and slicers, we understand that it is slightly confusing for you to compare the time needed to print a model that is determined by us; that is why we have a mascot! The time needed to print our mascot is 1 hour on our side. You try to print the mascot out, or upload it into your slicer to compare the timing. If it takes an hour on our side, but takes two hours on your side, you might want to adjust your $/hour accordingly. Also, printers are advised to print out our mascot and show it in your profile to show the capabilities and quality of your printing services. Our mascot can be found here,

    • Where can I find the determined specification by R3D should I receive an order to do so?

      When you receive an order, an order detail form will be sent to you (you can see it under 'Orders' tab in your profile page). The order form will contain the hyperlink to the product. Under the description of each model, we will include the pre-determined specification to print it, so to see it, just click on the hyperlink to see the description of the model.

    • What if the users require me to print something out of the determined specification?

      When you receive the order form, click on 'view details' to open it up. At the upper right corner, there are three tabs for you to click. The first one, requote, allows you to give a separate quotation to the new specification required by the users that you deem fit. The rest of the process will be similar to normal order process.

    • What are my responsibilities?

      Please kindly check out our terms and conditions for more information.

    • What happens if I receive a bad review?

      We do not allow any reviews from our users to printers to be deleted. If there is a genuine case of faulty printer, the negative review will stay on your profile until it has been resolved.

    • How long will I get paid?

      When the user has made the payment and you have received the notification, the remuneration will be kept in R3d for a start. When you have fulfilled the order and has shipped the order out or handed the order to the user, there will be a seven days countdown period. After seven days, should there be no issues raised by the user concerning the quality of the print or them receiving the order, the remuneration will be transferred into your PayPal account.

  • Shipping information

    • How long will it take for me to receive my order?

      It depends on the printer that you have engaged and the complexity of the model. Turnover time are stated in their profile and as each printer is unique, so will be their turnover time.

    • How much will the shipping cost?

      The weight and size of the order is a determinant of the shipping costs. As we have no way of determining it before it is being produced, the shipping costs will be determined by the printer you engaged. Of course, if you find that the shipping fees being quoted is too high, you still have the choice to cancel the order before paying.

    • Can I do meet ups instead of having it shipped to me?

      Yes you can. After deciding on the specification of the order, the next page of the order form will asks if you prefer either one. Arrangement should be made between you and the printers via messages on R3D.