About Us




Our Story


          Founded in 2014, R3dimensions is headed by a team of makers who envision a future wholly     different. We are bringing the next industrial revolution on a global scale where anyone can be a manufacturer and everyone will be its beneficiary.


Our Vision


          Imagine a world where products are manufactured on demand near you. R3dimensions eliminates the liability of obsolete and over-supplied products, bypassing all the logistics supply chains, and cultivating an ecosystem of a free market.


          In that, we aim to create an eco-friendly environment with responsible production, extended savings from shaved costs, and ultimately making the world more interesting with unique products.


          Building sandcastles in the air will be a proverb of the past. Any imaginable products that can be conceived in 3D can be manufactured. Gone will be the days of proprietary products and its exclusivity. The future will be conceived, designed, and fulfilled by everyone.



We turn buyers into sellers, consumers into manufacturers, and thinkers into makers.

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